The Four Budget iOS Apps You Need To Shoot Anywhere

on July 24, 2014

There are a multitude of apps out there that cater to filmmakers in particular, ranging from free to exorbitant.
The iPad has become a game changer in production for the ad, bringing up shot lists, storyboards, call sheets, and even controlling the camera functions on the 4k Sony f55. After using an iPad as a. Electronic slate, it’s hard to go back.

However, there are some apps that can replace some aspects of your production, or serve as a backup so you don’t have to shut down production while you wait for a replacement.

Here are a few of my favorites:
Dropvox ($1.99)

That’s not a typo. DropVOX- as in voice.
It’s an ios app that records audio and stores the files in your Dropbox account. No need to offload any cards, it’s automatically there, waiting for you when you get back to your desktop. I like to keep an audio technica at-335o and a breakout cable in my bag. Plug this into your iphone and your good to go. (Just don’t forget to turn your phone to airplane mode). If you have an old iphone or android, you could use this method instead of a zoom h1 to grab audio. Just run the lav down the shirt and hide it in a pocket. If that’s not possible, placing the phone on tbe table is pretty inconspicuous as well. Really a great way to get good audio on the cheap.

Filmic Pro ($4.99)
Perhaps the best video recorders I. The market. It gives you manual controls for your camera, with much more control than your stock app. A great way to get BTS footage when you want to keep your crew small.

Lapse it (Free, or Pro Version, $1.99)
Great time lapse capture.
If you have an old phone that you can just dedicate to capture, this is great. Set the screen to all the way dimmed to extend battery life, or plug it in if possible. Time lapses are a great way to increase production value, but you often don’t want to tie up a whole camera. Some sound effects with time lapse are always beautiful transitions shots.
Also great for BTS, and a great way to add production value to a piece.

The Kitchen from Old Factory Films on Vimeo.

Chromic (Free, but a lot of the great filter packs cost a few bucks)
Sometimes I’m feeling a little lazy, and I don’t have the time or energy to color and finish EVERY video I capture.  That’s when I use Chromic.  If you like the textures and the faded grains of VSCO Cam, you’ll dig this. (So great for Instagram Vids- it will set you apart instantly.) The best use for this, I’ve seen is for fashion videos and shorts. The deep DOF of the iphone and the soft contrasty look of the filters works very well together.