Rigs and Gear

DJI Ronin-M

The best way to get that fluid Steadicam look for your shots.  Raises production value immensely.

Opteka “Steadicam”

The way things used to be done.  The prices on these have really dropped, and you can get a pretty good deal on them now.

Konova slider

Just a rock-solid ballbearing slider at a reasonable price.  Put some movement into your shots.


A great pair of sticks that will go toe-to-to with the Manfrottos.

Fluid Head

Like butter.  (You don’t need it if you get the tripod above.)

Poor Man’s shoulder rig

Everybody’s got to start somewhere.  This is a cheap barrier to entry.


Fifty-Dollar Follow Focus

Just about the easiest way to start pulling smooth focus.

Baseplate and Rods

Now that you’re building up your camera, you need to have a way to start mounting things to the rods.

Forward Grip

Just a place to put your hands.  No Biggie