It will save your ass more times than you know.  No excuse not to have it.


Zeiss wipes

Always fresh and ready with no lint.


Gaff tape in black and white (green is nice, too)

You can wrap about three feet of it around a pencil so you always have gaffers tape on you. Gaffers tape leaves no residue, and can be torn by hand.

Lens pen & Air blower.

Put one in every bag.  There’s NO excuse to use your shirt.

Moleskine and pen

You will ALWAYS need to take notes.  i like that these are thin.

Clip-on Filter Holder

Once you’ve lost a filter because you were shooting on a deadline, you’ll see why it’s important to have this on you.

Target gray card

This can serve as a stand-in for focus while talent is getting ready.

Color Passport

Get your color right- and them have Davinci Resolve correct color for you!

Monitor Calibration

You can’t tell if your color is right if your monitor is wrong.




I like this one because it’s adjustable, and solid.

Dumb Slate

You need something to sync sound if you’re doing dual system.  Plus, it makes it feel like a REAL movie.