Modern Lenses

Canon Glass

The L series is legendary, and if you want good, clean images, you really can’t go wrong.

Canon 24-105

A great walking around lens. Image stabilization. A great focal range. Could be a LITTLE faster, but on a full frame, its pretty good.

24-70IS II

This, the 16-35, and the 70-200 are the golden trio of every event and wedding shooter.

70-200 F2.8 IS II

You won’t see a sporting event that isn’t riddled with this workhorse.

70-200 F4

If you need something cheaper AND lighter, this is still plenty fast on a full frame, and if you put it on a Speed Booster, you’ll get that extra step back.  A steal for L series glass.


The standard for wide angle.


A rectilinear wide-angle lens.  Expensive.  Breathtaking.  if you do real estate or architecture, this is what you want.


35mm f2

If you shoot editorial or street photography, this is a great focal length with a fast aperture.  You’ll love it.

50 f1.8

Everyone’s first prime lens. Plastic-Fantastic Nifty-Fifty.  Ditch the kit lens and just get this already.

Sigma Art Line

If you haven’t seen some of the stuff coming out of the Sigma Art line, you are in for a treat.  Just GORGEOUS. Ask any owner, and they will pretty much rave about their favorite lens.

50mm 1.4

35mm 1.4

24mm 1.4

20mm 1.4 art


Tamron lenses are some of the best deals out there.  They are ALMOST as sharp as the Canon L series, and usually a LOT cheaper- with some extra feature to boot.

Tamron 28-75

This is a hidden gem. Fast glass, very sharp. The drawbacks? Not a USM focusing motor and no image stabilization.

Tamron 24-70

The Tamron answer to the Canon glass. Even has Image Stabilization- Canon doesn’t.

Tamron 70-200

I actually prefer this to the Canon L series, and you can probably buy an extra B-cam with what you save.


EVERYBODY’S favorite wide angle zoom.  So much fun.

Tokina 11-16

Cine Lenses

This is by far the most approachable set of Cine lenses when you are starting out.  Samyang, Bower and Rokinon are all the same lenses, just with some different badging.  You want to make sure you are looking at the CINE lenses, not just the still lenses.  They’re faster, with a longer and more precise focus throw, and gears for a follow focus.  these are all color-matched as well, so you can go from one focal length to the next without throwing off your color grade in post.

Full Rokinon Set 14mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm

Optically, these lenses will blow you away, and you just won’t believe the price. The catch?  They are housed in plastic bodies, and probably aren’t as durable as their high-end counterparts.  However, you can get an entire set of geared, stepless aperture cine lenses with a long focus throw for less than the price of a Canon 70-200 Zoom.  I like these focal lengths.  The only one missing is a 135mm, but they haven’t released that as of yet.

Rokinon mini set T1.4 (24mm, 35mm, 85mm)

A pared down version of the above set. You get a wide establishing lens, a standard 35, and then your 85mm closeup. If you just take a few steps in or out, you should be able to ge the job done with these.

Rokinon 12mm

For that really wide establishing shot a la Terry Gilliam, add this to your kit