Media & Tech

Media and Tech

Hard Drives

2TB Portable Hard Drive

These hard drives are USB 3.o, and hold 2TB each.  When you’re on a shoot, you need to back up your footage to TWO locations, and make sure they are leaving the set in two different cars, going in two different directions.  You don’t want to lose an entire production’s shoot in one car accident.

Western Digital Black Drives (7200RPM)

These are the drives you need in your machine- preferably two of them (one backing up the other).  They spin at 7200 RPM which is what you need for today’s footage. (in three years, I believe we will only be using SSDs in our machines though, so don’t get too invested.)

Memory Cards

Sandisk Extreme Pro

You want these SD cards.  They cost maybe $10 more than the other brands, but they have a lifetime warranty and are ALMOST indestructible.  They are super fast, rated U-3 for 4k, and very reliable.  If you are getting paid to shoot, you shouldn’t try to save money on cheap cards.  You will pay for it tenfold in recovery programs.  This is your film stock- pay the few extra bucks.

CF Cards

The CF cards you choose are very important if you are going to be shooting in Magic Lantern RAW video.  thes cards by Komputer Bay are rebadges of Lexar cards, and are a steal.  The specific model of card is important to notice, because the Komputer Bay lineup doesn’t rebrand ONLY Lexar cards.  Only a few inparticular.  If you want to read more in depth about the right card for RAW, read our post HERE.

Card Cases

Even though these cards are meant to be tough- you need to protect them.  If you lose the cards, you lose the shoot.  Spend $20 to keep them safe.

Pelican CF card holder


Pelican SD card holder


Extra Battery Charger

If you are shooting several days in a row, after yo get back to the room, you don’t want to wake up after three hours to put another battery in the charger.  Just get an extra charger- it will make your life MUCH simpler.



These mirrorless cameras go through A LOT more batteries.  You’ll need a little extra help with a dial charger.