Newest Blackmagic firmware gives Audio Meters, Histogram and Time Remaining to BMPCC: Now we have a GREAT camera

on August 21, 2014

For $500, you really couldn’t complain about the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera.  It does RAW or a whole bevy of the ProRes formats.  What’s not to love?

Well, it didn’t’t have audio meters, for one.  That meant you were pretty much dedicated to shooting dual system for audio- which is always better in quality, but it means having a more complicated setup.  Sometimes, you just want to run ‘n gun, and that was what made the small size of the BMPCC so attractive.  But without Audio meters, you were basically guessing about your sound levels, and you risked clipping.


This new release fixes that!


On top of that, you also get the use of the histogram (something Magic Lantern has always had) so you can make sure you are getting your exposure correct, or exposing to the right when shooting RAW.


The Time Remaining feature is also a big plus, as RAW data fills up cards very quickly.

This is a trend that Blackmagic has of trickling down their feature set from their more expensive cameras down to their consumer models, and it truly improves the usability of this tiny movie machine.

Download it now at