Magic Lantern feature: The Extra Modules

on November 7, 2014

The modules panel is where you will find a lot of your “extra” features.

You have to enable these and then reboot the camera for them to take effect.  They can be a little bit buggy, so it is best to enable them one at a time and see if you like them.  Don’t go crazy and just install all of them without knowing what they do.

This section is constantly changing depending on the current “Nightly Build” so I will highlight a few of the more popular ones.


When I first heard about this, I didn’t see the point.  It seemed kinda gimmicky to me.

Then I tried it.

It’s pretty freakin’ cool.

If you grew up in the era of quarter-based arcades, this will appeal to you.  It’s a game called “Arkanoid” and you get a pong style controller to control with your arrow buttons.  On may shoots there’s a lot of downtime, and if being seen playing games on your phone can make you seem like a lazy jerk.  If you are frantically “adjusting the settings” on your camera, you are a much more diligent professional, and people will generally leave you alone.

It’s a pretty cool time waster, but not a good idea if you are on location and short on batteries.


This is the original FIRST GENERATION raw video recorder.  This was the one that was a huge game changer and made professionals everywhere start to rethink the future of DSLR in professional work.  The second generation is much better, with more options, however, and you are best to just skip this and go to the next one.


This is the latest version, and the one you want.  The biggest advantage here is that the files will come out as MLV files, which is getting more and more support on players as we speak (VLC can even play them back).


If you want to record sound with your raw footage, make sure you have this enabled.


This is so you can playback your raw footage in camera.


This is an “Expose to the Right” feature that is very useful when shooting in RAW.  There are several different trigger methods to activate it, but I prefer the Double Half-Shutter click.  It won’t supplant any of the other buttons, it’s easy to find, and you won’t accidentally press it.

As the Nightly Builds develop, you will see more and more exciting modules appear here.  The first appearances are often a little buggy, but they exist as “proof of concept” modules and are refined in short order.  This a great place to experiment if you have already explored you camera with Magic Lantern.