on July 16, 2014

Canon 60D

The Canon 60D is maybe one of my favorites of the lineup. It has an APS-C size sensor, making it very close to Super35 in sensor size, so lens selection is easy. It has a foldout screen not found on the Full-frames, which means you can shoot without an external monitor to keep your setup light, and still shoot from very high or low angles and keep your eye on the frame. It has more weatherproofing than the Rebel line (though not as much as the 7D), and shutter that is good for 100,000 actuations as opposed tho the 50,000 of its cheaper brethren.

The advantage and disadvatage of this camera is that it shoots on SD cards. That means if you want to add an eye-fi card to make it wireless you can, and SD cards are cheap and plentiful, and you can share with your existing supply.  (eye-fi may be buggy with Magic Lantern fyi)   I know many shooters that keep an SD card in their wallet for those occasions when they’re out on a shoot, and when they get to location, they remember that their card is in the reader back home. I like to keep a mini-sd card adapter on me also, so i can pull the card out of my phone or my nook and use that if i get desperate. But really- with class 10 cards so cheap, just get a whole bunch and forget it.

Now the bad: they shoot on SD cards, so the buffer and write speed internally on the camera is what limits how much RAW footage you can shoot before the camera cuts off the clip. THe SD cards just arent meant to handle that kind of bandwidth, and so the writer for the camera is the bottleneck.

It will shoot RAW at 1728×972 for 137 frames- almost six seconds if you need that image resolution for B-roll. It will do continuous RAW at 960×540, which I have found looks gorgeous when upscaled to 720p. I’ll take the extra color and dynamis range over 180 pixels any day.

The nice thing about this camera at this point in time is that it is undervalued. The 70D is out, and every prosumer shooter is looking to get that, but there is no hack yet on the 70D. So until there is, get your hands on one of these at a steal.