Blackmagic updates Firmware: BMPCC is impossible to say no to.

on July 17, 2014

Today, Blackmagic Design announced another breakthrough.

They updated their firmware, and the cameras will be getting smaller formats to work with.
Yesterday, we were hesitant to give a full thumbs up on the Blackmagic Pocket Pinema Camera because of the large file sizes. It made it a very difficult run and gun shooter. But with the ability to shoot in the smaller ProRes sizes, storage sapce and handling is MUCH easier.

This changes things significantly. For example:
To store one hour of footage, you need:
20gb for ProRes 422 Proxy
46gb for ProRes 422 LT
66gb for ProRes 422
99gb for ProRes 422 HQ
250gb for CinemaDNG RAW

As you can see, there is a significant difference in file size, and hence storage space.
Recording RAW requires a commitment to get more cards, faster readers, or else, have someone run as a Data Wrangler on set while shooting. Backing up these file sizes then becomes something to consider, as does your peripheral connection if you are using external hard drives.
You are only as fast as your slowest connection on the chain. If everything is on THunderbolt, and you are using all SSD drives, but you are backing up over a USB 2.0 connection, that is your bottleneck, and you might as well have all USB 2.0 connection.
It has been my experience that when not shooting for clients, or if shooting for the web, with little to no color correction, that ProRes LT holds up just fine. (I can’t imagine shooting just to Proxy, however, unless this cam was mounted to the hotshoe of another device shooting raw, and you wanted instant dailies on set.)

I continue to be impressed with the innovations brought out by Blackmagic. As a Canon loyalist, they have me looking to their products more often and thinking of ways to integrate them into my workflow. The BMPCC is available on Amazon.